I could care less

Technology in general, and the internet specifically, have made us lazy. We don’t have to remember information when we can Google just about anything, and as long as ‘facts’ can be found somewhere on the web, we must hold such truths to be self-evident.

For better or worse, humans do sometimes still have to speak, and not just text, in order to communicate and express ourselves. The ability to express oneself accurately, and maybe even eloquently, is lost on many these days, and I don’t merely refer to common errors like ‘supposably’ or a ‘statue of limitations.’ (For the record, the word ‘irregardless’ even exists in the auto correct lexicon, so it must be appropriate for usage.)

We don’t all have to be grammar police, but saying what you mean and meaning what you say can be powerful tools. Not important, you say? Well, I could care less what you think.


About Drew Wartenburg

Director of Cross Country/Track & Field at UC Davis
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One Response to I could care less

  1. Larry Schwartz says:

    Well said, Coach! I totally agree, whether or not you care. You’re right, the laziness that technology has created is yet another one of man’s creations that gives us not just instant gratification, but instant muffin tops as well. Thanks for your succinct, eloquent words! Yours in running, Larry

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